For 50 years Kitchens since 1968

The space created from the need of beauty


For over 50 years, we design and create kitchen interiors to fit your needs.

At each stage of the project, we take care of every detail by proposing a new design and functional trends of our kitchens with our clients. Using the most advanced production technologies and promoting traditional crafts.

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Luxurious and fashionable kitchens for your interior

We make luxurious kitchens and kitchen furniture to fit the interior perfectly. There are no random solutions in our projects, and each element is part of a carefully thought-out whole. The prepared concepts combine in a unique - appropriate for a given room - the requirements in terms of functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics. We believe that modern kitchen designs must provide everyday comfort, with the best possible use of space. Our kitchen studios can be found, among others, in the following cities: Warsaw, Katowice, Kraków, Wrocław, Poznań.

We are well aware that the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is where most of family and social life takes place. Everyday preparation of breakfasts, joint dinners or birthday cakes ... In order for these activities to bring a lot of joy and satisfaction, it is necessary to arrange the space around it properly and functionally. Customized kitchen furniture allows for a perfect fit not only to the conditions in the room, but also to the individual needs of the household members. We strive to ensure that our projects are always created in close cooperation with our clients. This guarantees not only satisfaction, but above all the comfort and convenience of using its individual elements. We make every effort to ensure that custom-made kitchens are a perfect reflection of the lifestyle of our customers and their characters. Kitchen furniture is only an addition to the interior - its real atmosphere is created by the household. This does not mean, however, that they should be underestimated. The appearance of the kitchen furniture undoubtedly affects the reception of the entire apartment. When choosing the dream ones, it is worth considering their durability as well as the visual and aesthetic aspect.

The possibility of creating a custom-made kitchen gives you unlimited possibilities. Thanks to the experience of our specialists, we are able to create both extremely elegant and traditional-style kitchens, as well as those that will fit perfectly in interiors decorated in an eclectic or rustic style. The only limit is your imagination. Custom-made kitchen furniture allows you to break with the ubiquitous catalog schemes and allow you to create a truly individual, exclusive space, which will also be functional and practical.

The exclusive ernestrust furniture is intended for people who want to create a truly luxurious and individual space in their home space. The fact that they are made to order enables the development of not only large rooms, but also the smallest and most problematic ones - with a large number of recesses, nooks and crannies or protruding elements. Customized kitchens are therefore perfect for small kitchens or those located in the attic.

We invite you to contact us and visit one of our showrooms. We are convinced that together we are able to create a real dream kitchen.