Vision and mission

As a market leader we are creating kitchen interior trends in European kitchen design.

Mission of the company

We are experts in creating kitchen interiors. By listening to the needs of our customers, we aim to create kitchen interior spaces perfectly tailored to their needs. Our customers can have confidence in the high quality of our products, our original solutions, precision and comprehensive service. For 50 years we have developed modern solutions, while combining a long tradition with innovation. Our kitchen interiors are a blend of uniqueness, individuality, modern and elegant design, and perfection founded on caring about even the smallest detail.

RUST’s vision is to create kitchen interiors for exacting people who appreciate quality and professionalism. Aware of an increasing number of people for whom the kitchen is the most important and most frequently used room, we want to provide the best designed and executed kitchen interiors in the premium segment of the domestic and foreign markets. As a leader of innovative solutions and trends used in kitchens, we believe that through continuous improvement and following the changing needs of consumers, we can create a new level of quality in terms of service, design, and building relationships with our partners.

Vision of the company

Values of the company

Quality and professionalism

Passion and commitment

Cooperation and lasting relationships

Tradition and innovation

Credibility and trust

Openness and curiosity