It’s like a walk on the moon’s surface, where every small step is a great discovery.


Metallic reflections, lunar-textured stones, and radiant emitters hint at another dimension.

This space exudes calm, peace, and a leisurely pace, sparking inspiration from the unknown. It invites us to explore, discover, and immerse ourselves in new experiences.

Time. It crafts planetary precision here, holding the abyss in its rightful place. It dictates the rhythm, establishes order, and outlines the interdependence of existence. It’s awe-inspiring, yet it helps us understand.




Space thought out in every detail.

Illuminated backs, internal drawers, recesses for metal sheets and countertops, and lacquered shelves on fronts with glass elements.


A sink made from cosmic rock. Perfection.

The sink basin and a drainboard span 120 cm in width—a true giant. It features a PVD Black Metal Brushed finish faucet with an additional spout equipped with a shower function.

Beryllium bronze - a metallic finish from the exclusive ORE collection.

An enchanting display case. Features include double-sided smoked flute glass, a bronze aluminum frame, and lacquered shelves with glass inserts and backlighting.
Even more comfort. Two full-sized dishwashers featuring automatic opening systems and lighting at an ergonomic height.
Who would have thought they were here?
Wooden drawers with lighting, concealed behind stone fronts and veneered frame fronts.
Feel an unearthly attraction. A monogram hood with a ribbed texture in Bronze color and a light ring, gesture-controlled. Pure cosmos.

Collection Creator

Marcin Fatyga

Chief Design Officer