The entire world is looking up to the United States – the country is still synonymous with big dreams and ambitious plans, all that can be realized. ‘Just do it!’, ‘Yes, we can!’ A vigorous encouragement to act comes from every buzzword the crowd lives by. The air is filled with dynamism, and Chicago seems to be one of its symbols. A bustling metropolis of almost three million people, a vibrant center of business and culture, and home to think tanks and trend-setting brands. In Chicago, in one of its numerous suburban mansions, ernestrust designers realized one of their international projects, a Chicago villa.

Modernity in the Classics

A rather classical building, the Chicago villa has a symmetrical shape. Its interior is full of open spaces further broadened by huge, semi-circular windows providing considerable daylight. In the evenings, they reflect the house lights as if they were mirrors.

The space is dominated by windows, which the ernestrust designers also arranged in the kitchen. A large, well-lit room allowed them to use dark colors for the fittings.

It is an innovative color concept for the kitchen, yet it naturally extends the style in the rest of the villa’s rooms. It is a combination of modern design and elegance.

The kitchen cabinet fronts are dark and matt. Not only visible, but the wood texture is also perceptible. The space created by people allows nature to make its presence known subtly. It reminds us that nature determines everything.

A single space with various faces

Horizontally, this space is dominated by two islands. The first, with a work area, sink, and hob, is located close to the cabinets and ovens. The second, connected to the bar top, gives space to everyday life.

A meal preparation, a shared dinner, a short social gathering, or a moment of relaxation, it may become a place for many things. On the other hand, the spacious bar top is where the entire family usually gathers to enjoy a meal. Worth noting are gleamy bar stools – natural color seats reminiscent of light wood that contrast pleasantly with the surrounding buildings.

The vertical perception is undoubtedly dominated by the glass display case. Nevertheless, thanks to their elegant illumination, the shelves make every everyday object placed there to look like an exciting exhibit.

The design of the display cabinet is strongly matched by the canopy, a simple shape with lighting that adds character and functionality. The brass handles from the R3 collection and gold fittings accents add an elegant yet modern touch.

Unpretentious bar

Another space ernestrust designers constructed is the bar. At first sight, it may resemble a kitchen. The dark fronts have been used again, and an island has been created. First, however, let’s take a closer look at this space.

The bar has a system of retractable fronts – a convenient solution that, according to your needs, allows you to use the functionality or conceal it from the public. This is because, behind the fronts, there is a TV and a bar with drinks and appropriate glassware.

The simple, geometric plane, matte to the touch, is given depth and a bit of variety by the lamellas that make up the central front.

It detracts from the homogeneity and, simultaneously, is a corresponding element of the island. The brass handles from the R3 collection perform a similar function by emitting luminous flashes of light.

Unconventional meeting place

A meeting place, conversation, toasting, celebrating – the island. The ernestrust designers approached it unconventionally.

The solid construction of the island is made up of veneered lamellas featuring an extremely light form. In addition to the visual feast, we can also enjoy many tactile sensations – provided not only by the pleasant regularity of the lamellas but also by the remaining wood grain.

The designers also moved away from the traditional bar stools for this type of décor. In their place, slightly higher armchairs with contrasting white upholstery and brass design have appeared. The whole is completed with a pleasantly illuminating brass lamp that adds to the elegant atmosphere.