Every particle tells a story of passion and the endless quest for beauty in the tiniest details.

A masterpiece of nature

Welcome to our fairy tale...

Carved by 
time and crafted by nature.
The intricate burl pattern, with its unique weaves and irregular shapes, illustrates that nature can be a masterpiece even in its imperfections.
A unique scrapbook. Collect your keepsakes, photos, and items that are important to you.
An innovative concept for shelves made of brown-dyed glass, set in a steel, monolithic frame.

Nooks and crannies.

They intrigue and surprise, reminiscent of childhood when every unknown door was an adventure waiting to be opened.
Draw some water. An additional source for enhanced comfort. You can fill pots, pans, kettles, and flower vases here.

What about an herb garden and a mini pantry?

Nature preserved in glass flasks or apple crates? Absolutely!

Every masterpiece is built from tiny details.


That’s the sound ribbed fronts make when you slide your finger across them.

Two worlds within one hemisphere.

In one, temperatures can plummet to -28 degrees Celsius; in the other, they can skyrocket to 230 degrees. Can you believe it?
Behind beautiful glass panels framed by decorative trim lies a device with vast culinary capabilities. And it cleans itself afterward, always ready for action. Isn’t that nice?
Soothing and calming. The arch is a central theme in this narrative, softening the overall form and making it more organic and natural.

The Hidden Hero

It elevates our kitchen efficiency to unprecedented levels. It appears and disappears with just a flick of your finger.

It’s charming. It’s enchanting. It’s magical.

Collection Creator

Marcin Fatyga

Chief Design Officer