A delight for the refined palate, enhancing the experience of carefree enjoyment of life.

Sweetness without sugar.

At first glance, it evokes the sweetness of a candy-filled interior: pastel-hued almond cookies, ornate cake frosting, and cream-filled eclairs.

But that’s merely your imagination. We’re providing a guilt-free indulgence devoid of empty calories. Experience the delight of sugar-free sweetness.

Subtle, softened forms without sharp edges offer a fresh take on a classic design. The flat-panel front is both elegant and romantic. Exquisite brass handles filled with stone enhance the sophistication, adding a jeweler’s touch.

Beauty does not compromise functionality. The five-burner steel gas hob, paired with a professional extractor equipped with a grease trap, confirms that the cooking area in this kitchen offers extensive capabilities.

Similarly, the double-door refrigerator with a drawer freezer, seamlessly integrated into the cabinetry, provides ample storage space.

Ah, those curves!

We are here,
yet almost invisible.

Pop-up electrical outlets or those crafted entirely from natural stone showcase an extraordinary commitment to detail, even in the most pragmatic elements.

We open our doors to you with pleasure.

Modern, robust, and visually striking storage systems make the most of every inch of space.


Collection Creator

Marcin Fatyga

Chief Design Officer