discover our new kitchen collection and a modern coffee bar

They say the perfect dessert is when you can taste a diversity of textures...

The softness of cream, the crispness of crunch, the tenderness of sponge cake! This design evokes a perfectly composed sweetness, and not only that - thanks to the dominant colour - cream brûlée. Behind the bright, smooth fronts - like a dessert crust - hide the kitchen essentials, cupboards and shelves.

Another layer of this dessert is the natural stone worktop and drawer fronts.

The indulgence of this kitchen space does not end there.
The island - surrounded by walnut wood - is also worth noting. It adds another sensory layer to the ‘dessert’ with its colour and form.

The metallic sheen of grooved cabinet fronts surrounds the refreshing experience of stone. They sparkle like toppings breaking through layers upon layers of desserts.

ERcaffe- be your own barista! For many of us, something sweet and coffee make the perfect combination. Sweet desserts perfectly complement coffee’s bitter aroma. There is no doubt about it. Ernestrust dots the i’s crosses the t’s and proposes to complement the dolcecrema collection with the new ERcaffe solution.
Independent, a piece of freestanding furniture, the heart of which is a hidden-inside innovative coffee machine that will satisfy the needs of the most demanding coffee enthusiasts! ERcaffe is a specially designed unit by ernestrust that can be set up anywhere.
With ERcaffe, you only need a little space or barista knowledge.
The compact ERcaffe does not limit itself to a kitchen. The unit is designed to fit any interior space of your choice, such as the living room, dining room, or any other.
The heart of ERcaffeis completely hidden inside the furniture - a fully automatic coffee machine. The exquisite coffee is served straight through the sleek swan-necked spout.
Thanks to a dedicated app, the entire process of preparing your beverage is controlled via a tablet or smartphone. As a result, everything is intuitive and straightforward, enabling everyone to brew precisely the cup of coffee they want.