We are changing for You – REBRANDING RUST COMAPANY.

Dear Sirs,

We are pleased to announce that on October the 6’th 2017 Mebel Rust introduced the change of logo and visual identification of Rust company.
This change is a reflection of the processes that are taking place in our company, the new strategy and ideas that inspire us every day when creating kitchen interiors for our customers.
Rust company is a family business which has been present on the Polish market for almost 50 years. Its founder was Ernest Rust, then after the death of Mr. Ernest, the order passed to the son of Marian, and recently joined the youngest
from generation – Patryk Rust, son of Marian Rust. The family company is headquartered in Opolskie region, however Rust’s kitchen showrooms and its products can be found in the largest Polish cities, western Europe, Scandinavia, Dubai, and soon in the USA. The company currently employs about 200 employees.
As a family business, the owners are managing the company with the determination and commitment proper to small business. In the newly introduced strategy they focus on development, building lasting relationships and openness. The key to the success of the company is, on the one hand, its commitment to traditional craftsmanship and many years of experience, on the other, openness to new technologies, innovative approaches to unconventional projects and the complexity of services.

In all business activities RUST is guided by clear rules of responsibility, honesty and care for the highest quality at each stage of the kitchen interior creation.

To emphasize the history behind our kitchens and at the same time open to innovative and innovative solutions, we decided to include the name of the founder in our logo, giving him due respect, especially since next year the company will celebrate the 50- years of the company. On the other hand, the cut and form bear the mark of revolution – adds Patrick Rust.
„Our goal was reflecting a timeless form that combines fashionable simplicity and minimalism with immortal elegance – features that have always characterized our projects” comments Marcin Fatyga, the author of the new graphic design CDO at Rust.
The new Rust brand slogan “The home begins here” is an underlining and indication of Home as the most important place in the life of each of us, where the central point and room is our kitchen. This is the place where we spend most of our time here, we takes the energy from it, we meet loved ones – it is the center of managing the life of the whole family.

Nowadays, the kitchen has become an integral part of the so-called living space as an open space, not only architecturally but also socially. The reason for staying in the kitchen is no longer just preparing meals, today the kitchen takes over the functions of the whole house – Radek Grzybowski, 19°Południk agency strategy director.

“The home begins here” a slogan that has been chosen because of the package of emotions it carries – everything which is important in the word “Home” – the family, the warmth of family, the happiness that we don’t have to look for – because it is always there.

For 50 years we approach each client individually, each project is unique to us and we want the kitchen provided by us also be exceptional and of the highest quality. We hope that the presented change will meet your appreciation and will be seen as a strengthening of our brand – added Marian Rust, owner of Rust.


Below we present a new Rust logo:



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