An interview with Mr. Marian Bijoch, one of the RUST brand clients, who participated in one of the first creations from the R-collection, the implementation of kitchen interior,  the screenplay of which, was based the motives of personal passion and the desire to express it in this innovative project. He gave an interview in Katowice during 4 Design Days, taking place in the building of the ICC on February 11-14.

Marian Bijoch – began his journalistic career nearly half a century ago; in the last years of professional work of editor-in-chief deputy of the “Goniec Górnośląski” („The Upper Silesian Journal”) and director of the Chapter House of Promotional Emblem Award “Śląski Oskar”; 25 years earlier, a journalist of the weekly “Panorama” including in becoming head of reportage, for 3 years – editor-in-chief of “Ekran” („Screen”). Presidential candidate and councilor candidate of Katowice (with the support of the Association of Residents of Katowice) in the 2002 elections; specialized in participating reportage, the author of several books, two-time winner of Pruszyński Prize for reports. Privately, the father of two Polish models: Julia and Zuzanna.

Maciej Bojanowski (R): Good morning, Mr. Marian.
Marian Bijoch (B): Hello Mr. Maciej.

R: Let me thank you or rather let me, as the RUST brand team, to thank you, for your presence during this event in Katowice and for your support of our stand – for the fact that you found the time, especially because of our pre-premiere of Sensual Kitchens. Please briefly tell whether you had already dealt with this type of innovation?

B: We are pleased to participate in events having a direct or indirect connection with the design and fashion, or the like. Regarding the presentation of the soon to be released Sensual Kitchens… I was hugely surprised with the very innovative way of creating and implementing the interior of the kitchen. It turned out to be simple and unconventional. I had a chance to find out about it while watching the work of the team of designers. My preferences, passions, interests which I have previously told them about, after processing, found an outlet in this and no other final shape of the interior. This task was very difficult for architects, because it had to bring together the dreams and the visions of the recipient with the limitations posed by technology.  Without a good contact and sincere atmosphere, the project would not have been achievable!

R: I’m glad. Please tell us some of the details of your passions, which you consider to be the key ones.

B: Throughout my professional life, it was a journalism of course, but for several years, it’s the world of fashion shows. I’m naturally interested in this, because of my daughters job. Of course, I follow the results of work of other models and photographers and fashion stylists. I’m not a fashion expert, but I already know the difference between the effects of photo shoots with a high level of makeshift, and those very rough and without a coherent concept. I like to browse fashion albums and fashion publishers with the best photo shoots, especially those unique – extra editions and yearbooks. I collect mainly those with the campaigns of Susanna in them, sometimes Julia. I am proud of a number of awards and prizes, which Zuza received in Poland and abroad, and not only for modeling but also for a media personality and creativity.

R: This is a very colorful picture, but I suppose that’s a hard work too, which you probably know more about than me? The feeling you’re talking about, and this passion, for many of us, is difficult to imagine. But, with regard to this, please tell us if you have already expressed fascination associated with the work of Julia and Susanna in a different form, than the implementation of Sensual Kitchen?

B: Indeed, this work is more comprehensive and demanding than many others, although a lot of people seem to think otherwise. The main thing is a lot of satisfaction and fulfillment. Participating in the implementation of Sensual Kitchen interior, I could co-create “tailored” interior, to fit my tastes, preferences and most importantly – passion. History, in which I engaged, was great fun, but quite a demanding one too. I think that  it’s easiest to personalize products that accompany us every minute and second of your life, which we generally do not part with, like information and image transmitters, for example smartphones. An interior is far more challenging.

R: Well, there is still much ahead of you and your daughters, of course. Didn’t the idea of studio implementation of a SENSUAL Kitchen, the beginning, seem a little strange or incomprehensible to you, especially when it comes to the name of the product? Or maybe funny?

B: A bit. At first I thought it was a marketing ploy without any specifics. No cover. Then, that it will affect the senses understood in a literal way. I imagined a presentation of the interior of the floating pleasant scent of perfumes and relaxing music in the background, or with some video…

R: How do you understand, or rather describe this concept, development and implementation of interior kitchen design to your friends today?

B: I speak briefly about shifting priorities. A special attention and concentration of the design team is focused on the implementation of users passion. Other ingredients, of such implementation become secondary, but they are not treated with neglect. Ergonomics, functionality, durability and quality of parts made, indisputably are the basis of such a kitchen interior. In sensual kitchens, we feel comfortable because they work on our senses, activate what is best in us. This may sound strange, but they inspire and motivate us.

R: And how an interior woven with passion, is giving you more joy in life than the kitchen made with a standard method?

B: Every interior consciously realized gives the owner a lot of joy. But I think in this case, it’s the joy of another kind. Born involuntarily in an environment that stimulates the tenderest thoughts. They wander freely and spontaneously, releasing this joy. To me, it can stimulate consciously and subconsciously. Positively of course, if the message of the interior is really our passion and not someone else’s.

R: Could this have an impact on any change in our lifestyles?

B: If the project of interior kitchen involves new possibilities, which were not present in the previous place, then, logically thinking, it will have an impact on the style of leisure. It will intensify our positive feelings, when we are giving ourselves to a hobby or passion.

R: Thank you for this description. I hope that you will be still on the RUST brand stand, or colloquially speaking, in the Sensual Kitchen, to support us with positive energy, but also answer a few questions from architects and designers invited here.
Tomorrow, from what we established, you will also possibly be able to share your thoughts on this project for some time, with individual customers. Again, thank you very much for this and for the interview on behalf of the readers and our customers and wish you happiness and further success for both you and Julia. And to absent Zuzanna as well, naturally! See you soon!

Creative Designer