Fully functional kitchen interior designed in an elegant and innovative way. The look of the grand kitchen island is softened by a contemporary louver door made of solid wood in a modern and eye-catching dark anthracite color. Thanks to a special system of grooves on the bottom of every slate, the doors have a very convenient door-opening system. The kitchen island has a range hood that slides up from the counter, thanks to which the space above it is free and a spectacular lamp hanging from above can be placed there.

Doors on wall cabinets: multi-layered lacquer with an additional hand-finished final texture.
Doors on kitchen island cabinets: natural brushed oak, lacquered in “carbon” color with satin finish.

Countertop on kitchen island
Granite with irregular texture with an adjustable sink, a built-in hidden kitchen scale, as well as a built-in, invisible inductive phone charging station.

AGD: Gaggenau (fridge, freezer, wine cooler, steam oven, coffee maker, range hood sliding up from the countertop), the electronically controlled Lift Up system, that allows for sliding a painting or a print to reveal or hide a TV screen.

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