Kitchen R3LX

The “face of the collection” is an impressive kitchen with impressive dimensions, displaying many interesting technological and material solutions. A characteristic element of the collection are the handles integrated with the front, finished with golden, metallic varnish, on which charming reflections are created. Marble decors appearing in their background add to the original character. Side and bottom cabinet frames cut at an angle combine in an effective way with the stone top, surrounding the cabinets. The steel frames on which the furniture structures rest are finished in the same technology as the above-mentioned handles. They add lightness and openwork. Every detail is well thought out and consistent with the whole. This is also evidenced by the drawers, whose sides are made of varnished wood with angled edges – nothing, but they are. The main base here is the “Black Brownie” varnish – sophisticated shades of brown turning into black, giving an extraordinary depth of reflection and tastefully blending with golden accents. A modified veneer with a delicate grain pattern and a neutral earthy color adds cosiness and chic at the same time. Everything in the context of black marble with white veins gives us a timeless and always fashionable combination.