Kitchen fronts


An acrylic layer (external) combined with the boardconstitutes the back of the cabinet front. Thanks to special technology,fronts are extremely scratch resistant and easy to clean. Acrylic scratch resistance is higher than onthe varnished fronts. An additional advantage of acrylic fronts is that they illuminate the space of the kitchen or bathroom where they are located.


Fronts made on MDF, coated with special acrylic varnishes. Coatings are available inawide range of colors and shades, as well as matte, gloss and polished finishes. They have a good resistance to moisture. The unquestionable advantage of varnished fronts is their ability to be used on shaped surfaces.


It is a natural cover, a thin “slice” of wood glued to a particleboard surface. On the surface of the cabinet, various thicknesses of veneer are applied – from 0.6 mm to 1.5 or even 2 mm. In contrast to the artificial surfaces (ie. melamine boards) veneer retains the properties of wood. This a material resistant to variouskitchen conditions. This technology is ideal for smooth patterns with no grooves. Physically, the material is free from the problem of warping occurring in solidwood.

PVC film

One of the most popular solutions. The characteristics of PVC allows usto make different shapes of fronts, while maintaining very good mechanical properties and a relatively good resistance to water and mechanical factors. The advantages of this material, on an MDF base, certainly include its wide range of colors, both solidcolors and those imitating wood.

Multilayer board

It is one of the most cost-effectivesolutions used in the furniture industry. Fronts are made of a multilayer board also used in the manufacturing of cabinet boxes. When choosing thiskind of kitchen front, special attention should be paidto how they are protected onthe edges of the board.

Quartz sinters

They are made from natural materials such as clay shale, granite rocks and ceramic pigments. They do not leech any substances to the environment, and can be easily ground and recycled for use in other production processes. The durability and resistance of sintered quartz sheets is comparabletothat of natural stone.


A high-quality and sensual material. MDF covered with natural leather is an option for those who are not afraid of avant-garde combinations in their homes. Natural leather has a grain structure, which in naturally changes its appearance over time. With leather you can get a very elegant interior decor. It gives cabinets anoble and high-gradelook.


A timeless yet modern material. It ishand-applied to avarnished MDFbase using a levelling compound. This gives the impression of an authenticandalways unique surface texture. The process of sealing the surface withmatt varnish ensures thehigh stability of the material.


It is a widely used furniture finish in modern and minimalistic kitchens. Contrary toits appearances, this is a safe and durable solution. Glass used inmanufacturing of kitchen cabinets is usually mounted on a stable aluminum frame or laminated directly onto the front.


Steel is a very impressive material and its resistance to moisture and temperature makes it very durable. Kitchen fronts made of stainless steel have a number of indisputable advantages,such as durability and the fact that they’re easy to maintain.

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