For us it is more than just a formula; it is an opportunity to use natural resources, unique materials and new technologies. We create unconventional solutions based on our own designers’ projects. The creative work behind new designs goes far beyond a focus on the form and shape of a piece of furniture. We are looking for inspiration in the world around us by observing how design changes our lifestyle. Our principal goal is to provide functional solutions that effectively change a space and improve the quality of its use.

Our proprietary solutions include:


An original solution to display any picture, photograph or fabric in the space behind the handle.


The use of modern technology in conjunction with a manual treatment creates a body of cabinets with unique, individually conducted areas, consisting of surfaces oriented at different angles.


A unique solution for connoisseurs, a natural wood veneer and solid color varnish are connected in one plane. This technique is trademarked by Mebel RUST.


An original concept that is an alternative to traditional fronts made of glass. The material is easier to handle and gives you more possibilities for use


Cristallo Sharp


The innovative technology developed by the R & D department of RUST gives the perfect shine with no visible edges. It is an excellent alternative to the typical varnished fronts. Cristallo Sharp is a material with high resistance to mechanical damage and ensures ultra-modern appearance with a very sharp edge.