A short story about RUST at the MEBLE POLSKA 2018 Fair

The Meble Polska 2018 fair in Poznań has just ended. This amazing event took place in Poznań, Poland between March 6th and 9th, with more than 20,000 visitors in attendance from over 50 countries. The Meble Polska fair is the biggest and most comprehensive fair in the world that exhibits the offerings of the Polish furniture industry. Among this year’s exhibitors were all the most important Polish manufacturers, seeking the opportunity to connect with new potential business partners. This year’s fair had a diverse selection of offerings. Besides collections made from furniture board, furniture made from precious materials were on display, as well as the offerings of luxury brands. Among the exhibitors was the RUST brand, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and for this reason wanted to take everyone on a nostalgic journey across the many places where it has spread its wings.

rust kitchen

This being our anniversary year, not only for the sake of nostalgia, but also for our business plan, we decided to revive the tradition and display our newest collection at the Meble Polska fair in Poznań. We are starting our anniversary celebrations here, and we invite everyone to see our newest collection – the ORE COLLECTION, which is not only the result of 50 years of experience, but also shows that today’s RUST brand is the perfect partner for anyone who aims high and wants to create new industry trends with us.” – says Patryk Rust.

Since last October, the RUST brand has been guided by the motto: Home begins here. This is what came to mind for everyone who visited the RUST booth. The cozy atmosphere, which was filled with the best quality new solutions, created a space that resembled an actual Home. The smallest details were perfected—colors, accessories, sound and light—all complimenting each other and making a cohesive space.

“We wanted to show the wide variety of capabilities that the RUST brand has to offer. In our every day work we are often challenged to design not only a kitchen space, but other rooms as well. This is why we decided to present interiors, in the creation of which we can be a partner for our future clients.” -commented Marcin Fatyga, CDO at RUST.

Gold is the new black

The first part showed a kitchen connected to a living room area. The kitchen from the ORE COLLECTION – R3, is characterised by sophisticated avant-garde solutions. Minimalist in its form, this space was inspired by the sublime aesthetics of Tom Ford movies, and is accentuated by precious materials and subtly hidden technology. An original multi-layer varnished finish gives the effect of a metallic gold. Uniquely patterned quartz sinter, used on the kitchen island and on the wall panels, creates a cohesive space filled with elegance and good taste. The design was completed by a brass lamp, chairs with exposed structure, and handmade brushed natural brass handles—all designed by RUST.

kuchnia złota RUST

In this project we knew since the beginning how we wanted to showcase our kitchen. All the accessories, used materials, and our original design solutions are a proof that we don’t like to take shortcuts, but instead we consistently and uncompromisingly reach for our goals and carefully pursue them.” -adds Patryk Rust, co-owner of the company.

The tall cabinets are simple in form. Besides having top of the line appliances, they contain plenty of practical solutions, such as an additional worktop, a storage system, and an incorporated charging station for mobile devices. The interior of the kitchen island is completed by an ultra modern system of steel drawers in black color, cushioned with an elegant and durable mat. Chic and practical premium appliances, such as a raised dishwasher, a built-in coffee maker, a smart oven, and a luxury wine cooler, are also included in the kitchen.

Copper elegance 

A romantic kitchen interior was the second part of the RUST brand’s exhibition at the fair in Poznań. This space featured a newly debuted, innovative varnished finish in a metallic copper color effect. This seemingly difficult to work with material, commonly assumed to fit better in large loft spaces, works perfectly in a small, stylish kitchen with contemporary details. Classic context was added by using a satiny gray color on subtly stylized tall and base cabinet fronts, which were decorated with brushed copper handles. What bridges the contemporary copper color effect and the classic layout are features like the countertop, as well as wall panels made of picturesque, on-trend, and understated white quartz. This intimate and cozy interior, thanks to its thoughtful design, contains all the features of a modern, ergonomic, and functional kitchen perfectly suited for a small space.



kuchnia miedziana RUST

I can’t deny that I knew from the beginning that this kitchen would stir emotions among the guests. It looks magical. Complimented by a crystal arrangement and classic style chairs, the configuration takes us to the world of Parisian apartments. This effect was achieved by using taller than usual top cabinets and crown mouldings.” -comments the CDO, Marcin Fatyga.

Man’s point of view

The third interior displayed at the RUST booth was a walk-in closet space. This interior proves the RUST is a partner with whom you can achieve anything—an abundance of details and technical solutions displays not only the artistry and craftsmanship, which is the RUST company heritage, but also our fondness for the best quality materials and world-class design.

“We’re happy we managed to include so many convenient and upscale storage solutions, for clothes, underwear, jewellery and various other accessories, in this small space. Our main product, on which our history is based, and our main specialty, are kitchen interiors, and it’s going to stay this way. However, keeping in mind the modern day market and its demands, we want to show that RUST is a company capable of carrying out much more.” -adds Patryk Rust.

garderoba RUST

garderoba RUST

garderoba RUST

garderoba RUST

Worth noticing is the compact island consisting of a comfortable seating area and an array of original drawers, all of which are finished with attention to the smallest detail. In addition, the avant-garde drawer fronts are finished with satin varnish and innovative natural leather, which was carefully selected and prepared for use in interior design.

All RUST interiors showcased at the fair were completed with accessories and furniture made by RUST company partners. Thanks to that, we could achieve astonishing spaces filled with luster, magic, and modern technology. The proof and confirmation of the RUST brand’s success at the Meble Polska 2018 fair are the prizes it was awarded: the ACCANTHUS AUREUS MEDAL for creating a booth that best serves a company’s marketing strategy; and a prize awarded to celebrate the RUST company’s 50th anniversary.

nagroda RUST

nagroda 50 lat RUST

“It’s a very important award for us. Undeniably, behind the success of our company stands a team of great specialists, experts, but most of all they are all people passionate about good craftsmanship and world class design. If not for these people, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish our goal. These awards are mostly their achievement, and they deserve the biggest ‘thank you’ today.”     -comments Anna Domin, Marketing Manager.

Furniture production is an important part of the Polish economy. For over 25 years there has been a dynamic growth of furniture production, and today, it is the fourth biggest sector of goods exported from Poland. This is why it’s important to promote and discuss the people behind the numbers. All the more because these brands are founded on family tradition, hard work, and great imagination, aimed at creating truly extraordinary things.

Targi Meble Polska 2018

Targi Meble Polska 2018

Targi Meble Polska 2018

Targi Meble Polska 2018

targi Meble Polska 2018

targi Meble Polska 2018



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