Global communication – synergy of quality and flexibility

Global communication – synergy of quality and flexibility
The production process begins with the creation of the product with the help of computers positioned anywhere on earth. They are equipped with specialized software that remotely communicates with a central server that processes and generates codes, programs, schedules and tasks for all departments, units and numerically controlled machine tools and their operators. Currently, such a solution is considered as an ideal in the world, it brings unparalleled benefits:

  • safety performance of products in accordance with the project,
  • unprecedented flexibility to create unique and individually invented product,
  • lowering costs,
  • on-time implementation of individual operations as well as the whole order.

Advanced technology

Advanced technology
We own the advanced technology, modern factory, equipped with the most modern machines of renowned world producers such as Homag, IMA, Cefla and SCM.

small-lot production
The concept of the factory is organized, so that to pursue the highest level of production for individual customer and small-lot production – repeatable, in which the quality is above all count.

Timeliness and supervision
Quality and on-time delivery of every project ensures a system in which each individual element is identified by a barcode.

High quality products require the world’s highest-generation technology
The plant carries out technologically difficult and unusual orders. It is equipped with advanced machines, to ensure precision manufacture of complex components.

Repeatability of technological operations
Each element, before executing the main machining determining the final quality of the product, is pre-scanned and automatically controlled by a machine for the dimensional conformity.

The accuracy of machines and experience
To achieve high accuracy, it is necessary to have the experience of the operator complex machines.

Cutting optimization managed at a distance
Each operation related to the cutting is parameterized, optimized and managed by appropriate software and remote access to the machine, so that we eliminate any confusion associated with this stage of production, give a very fast and reliable performance of the complete cutting of every design.

Laboratory tests of varnished parts
Control of the most important parameters of varnished element is carried out by the appropriate testing methodology, based on the standards in a special laboratory, which confirms the independent testimony that the RUST has implemented, supervised and maintained the high standards of the varnish coat.

Advanced technology in quality control of materials
Bezpieczeństwo zakupu to między innymi terminowa i kompletna dostawa, aby ją zagwarantować wdrożyliśmy również w tym miejscu zaawansowaną technologię. Każdy materiał już na etapie dostawy i późniejszych wydań z magazynu jest poddany elektronicznej kontroli na podstawie etykiety z unikatowym kodem kreskowym.

Advanced technology in quality control on production
Produced components and cabinets are subject to rigorous quality control during the various stages of production.

Advanced technology in quality control of finished products
Each finished product ,before shipment, is subject to quality control, where the packaging is automatically generated, unique bar code.


Personal commitment and manual work

For years, we realize designs, where vision does not fit within the laboriously developed solutions, then, personal commitment and manual work is necessary.

Delikatna ręczna precyzja
Nie tylko inteligentne procesy i nowoczesna technologia, ale przede wszystkim człowiek wykonujący coś dla drugiego człowieka, gwarantuje niepowtarzalną wartość naszej oferty.

Details take time
There are details are so sublime, where only the time of an experienced craftsman adds the nobility

Unique solutions and modern technology requiring manual work
Production of complex, non-standard construction, in particular, requires accurate and clear drawings. They are required directly in production, when it is necessary to perform difficult details. The availability of such information at work in 3D, immediately after the order for the production, has a huge impact on the implementation of each design.

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