Master of kitchen interiors.
For 50 years.

In 1968 Ernest Rust, a craftsman from the Southern Poland, founded the company, which began the story of the creation of kitchen interiors in Poland.

Ernest Rust (1941- 2002) founded the company, producing custom-made furniture for the most demanding customers, in 1968. He has set himself the goal of producing high quality furniture so that it can be used by several generations. He always knew that this objective can be achieved only through the involvement of the whole team, that is why he treated everyone in work as a family member. As head of the company, he has always kept his hand on the pulse, listened to the problems of others and tried to help everyone as best, as he could. He knew that the company’s development depends on the involvement and development of people who create it.

Today, though physically he is no longer with us, his spirit returns in the sound machine, the smell of wood and vague memories of who are still with us today, and always when we speak about Master Ernest, there is a sentimental smile on our faces, as the appreciation and admiration for everything he did returns.